Manage your protocols in the cloud

Bischof Systems brings enterprise caliber protocol management software to the small and medium sized facilities. By leveraging the power of cloud computing, price is no longer a barrier for automating your workflow. See how your facility will become more efficient with Bischof Systems and how easily it fits into your budget.

Team Collaboration

Keeping your team organized and on schedule is critcal for the success of your research. The protocol manager provides a single source for all the communication while providing a custom interface based on the user's role.

Version tracking - Older versions are archived to ensure that all team members are working on the same document.

Difference tracking - Custom filters let you immediately see the small changes within a protocol without wading through 40 pages of content.

Ease of use - The protocol committee has a more advanced layout than the PI's layout which is simplified.

Automated Workflow

Save time by starting with custom templates for your most common research studies and let the software handle the rest for you. As the protocol moves between the researcher and the review committee, all users are notified automatically and permissions are updated.

Email Management - Never worry about sending emails again. The protocol manager is sends custom emails to the team based up where you are in the workflow.

Secured Changes - As the protocol moves through the lifecycle, individual users read/write access is automatically changed base the stage.

Secured Comments - The protocol committee identities are hidden in the comments to keep the committee members anonymous.


We are currently doing beta testing and looking for labs that would like free usage of the software for their feedback.

  • Small Facility Single Protocol

  • CROs Manage multiple facilities

Online Protocols

View status of all protocol requests
Use of the standard questionnaire
Add unlimited custom questionnaires (add'l cost per questionnaire)
Post public questions for the PI to answer
Keep private notes only viewable by the review committee
Maximum animal usage warning
Historical tracking of all animals used on a protocol
Create amendments and 3rd year rewrites

Workflow Automation

Auto-generated emails to the PI and related parties for animal orders, receiving and protocol questionnaires
Embedded email links direct the user to the next step in their workflow
You determine which triggers send emails (e.g. status updates and quantity changes)
Complete control over all email templates to customize for your lab's needs
History of every email sent, filtered by order and protocol

Hosting Options

Free setup (importing data from previous system is extra)
Cloud hosting
When closing your account, data dumps are provided and your data is purged from the system
On-site hosting available for $50,000 plus data import costs. Monthly license fees still apply.